LARB fall interns gain real world, hands-on magazine work experience for anyone interested in the publishing industry. This program has been designed to train students for careers in editing and copyediting, publicity, marketing, social media, educational and public programming on behalf of a major magazine and literary arts nonprofit.

From September 7 – December 20, LARB will welcome interns from colleges and universities across the country. These interns will each be assigned a staff mentor who will supervise and guide their work over the course of their time at LARB, including providing entry and exit interviews to both gauge individual student’s goals and assess how they were able to meet them.  All interns will have the opportunity to work closely with LARB’s core editorial staff. Because of the ongoing public health crisis, this internship will be conducted remotely.

The intern’s duties may include copyediting articles for the website and the print Quarterly Journal; assisting section editors with the articles they are preparing for the site; transcribing interviews; supporting the production team of LARB Radio Hour; helping to manage LARB’s social media; assisting the Managing Director with business and marketing work; developing skills in grant writing and research; and gaining insight and experience in developing and executing public programming for a literary arts organization. 

LACDAC Social Media Intern

If you are a LA County resident or undergraduate student and interested in working as part of our Social Media team, you may also apply for the LACDAC Social Media Internship with LARB, which is a paid internship courtesy of a grant from the Los Angeles County Department of Arts and Culture. Please indicate on the application whether you are interested and eligible for consideration for this position. 

General Requirements:

·  A college junior or senior with interest and experience in writing, publishing, and/or education

·  Must be motivated, organized, and possess good communication skills

·  Able to commit to 15 hours per week remotely

·  Eligibility to receive either course credit or summer funding through their home institutions. Unfortunately, with the exception of the LADCAC funded internship, LARB is unable to offer paid internships directly at this time. 


We will conduct interviews for finalists between August 16 and August 20. One of our goals with these interviews is to determine their areas of interest so they can be placed in positions according to those interests. These positions include assisting senior members of LARB staff in editorial, copyediting, production, publicity and social media, marketing, events, membership, and in producing our summer publishing program and related public programming. Care will be taken to ensure that each intern is placed in a position that interests and inspires them, and will give them the most experience towards their respective career goals.

The Los Angeles Review of Books is committed to equal opportunity internships. We coordinate a diverse community of interns and volunteers from varied backgrounds and social identities, including, but not limited to:  people of color, members of immigrant communities, people of all faiths and spirituality, people living with disabilities, members of LGBTQIA communities, and people of diverse ages. We are committed to working together and to creating a safe, supportive, and caring environment, where we can learn from each other and grow in service to our communities.

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